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Viñas del Cenit - Zamora
25-11-2018, 07:57 PM (Dit bericht is het laatst bewerkt op 25-11-2018 om 08:06 PM door fleer.)
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Viñas del Cenit - Zamora
Due to being located on the western border, close to Portugal, Tierra del Vino de Zamora is at a higher altitude than the closest wine region, Toro, reaching 750 metres above sea level. This means that the area experiences lower temperatures, particularly during the summer and the month of September, which is a key aspect in the grapes’ maturation. In addition to this particularity, the area has good aeration, with a continuous breeze that refreshes and maintains the grapes healthy during the humid seasons.

Viñas del Cénit is mainly made from old vines planted following the traditional gobelet system. Even in the younger wines, the winegrowing base is of around 35 years. The rest date back up to between 150 and 180 years of age. Most of these vines are engrafted, before phylloxera became a struggle in Spain. Its habitat is composed of poor soils with a sandy and gravelly surface on a deep bed mostly consisting of clay.


Cenit 2007

100% Tempranillo, 16 maanden eik, vreemde geur bij opening die na 10 minuten weg was ... zuurtjes waren prominent in het eerste half uur, ik dacht dit komt nooit helemaal goed, hij had meer weg van een veredelde crianza dan een top Toro maar wat een transformatie ... vijf uur later had ik een andere wijn in het glas, kruidig, vol, alcohol, perfect op dronk en kan nog jaren mee 91p

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